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Dubai is a global city and business hub of the Middle East. It is also a major worldwide transport hub for travellers and cargo. Dubai’s economy today relies on revenues from trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services.

Dubai Real estate investment is a recognised long-term investment and since 2002, the most populated city in the UAE has become a centre for property investors. Before promising to research on how to invest your money, an investor seeks the ways, locations and channels to make a safe real estate investment. Residential investments benefits if you seek to gain rental returns for investors and are a popular choice. In 2017 alone, 69,000 real estate transactions were made only in Dubai, which exceeds a total of AED 285 billion. In 2016, the transactions totalled AED 259 billion through 41,766 deals.


  • 0% income tax on rental yields and capital appreciation.

  • Amongst the highest rental yields in the world – an average of up to 7-10% compared to 2-3% in other global markets.

  • Safe and very sound – The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index 2017-2018 revealed that the UAE is the second safest place in the world.

  • Readily-available financing options – interest rates range between 3-5% with repayment terms as long as 25 years.
  • Extra luxury space per square foot compared to markets such as London, New York, Paris, Sydney and Mumbai.

  • Strong regulatory authority – RERA provides a strong legal framework to safeguard buyer’s interest.