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Morocco really is a mystic place that once you visit you will never forget. Like a magical concoction, Morocco offers a variety of fascinating vibrant colours and spices mixed with a rich cultural history including many historical treasures & ancient mystical wonders.

The Morocco property market is flare-up! Our job is to enable you to make good money from the many fantastic Morocco property investment opportunities currently available and also to have fun and pleasure from the properties you are investing in.

At the moment property prices in Morocco are a fraction of the cost of most European destinations and the tourist resort developments and properties becoming available to buy are of the highest quality.

A high contrast of different attractive landscapes and snow-capped mountains, deserts, fertile plains, and ideal white sandy beaches.

The coastline stretches for 3,500km with many of the beautiful exotic beaches still deserted and all totally unspoiled.


Six Areas of Morocco were recognized. These “Blue Zones” were all established on stretches of the coastline recognised for their outstanding natural beauty and untapped tourist potential. Each area would be given a designated theme such as culture, sustainability, or sport to act as a coherent strategy for development.

Finding finance to buy property overseas can more often than not be the most major barrier. Fortunately, obtaining finance in Morocco is not too difficult for foreign buyers and 70 per cent mortgages are offered in a lot of cases.

Numbers issued earlier by the Bank Al Maghreb show that the number of purchases of residential property in Morocco has increased by 22.8 per cent in the recent years and transactions for apartments have accounted for 61 per cent of all total sales.